Revealed: How to Become an Independent Director in a Prominent Organization!

By Leveraging Your Strong Personal Brand Without Sharing Excessive Content or Applying Multiple Roles, Even If You Have No Previous Experience!

Let Personal Branding Be Your Ally Making You Impossible To Ignore!

  • Conquer challenges like obscurity, and overlooked potential. And unlock opportunities, gain credibility, and establish authority.

  • Become a candidate of choice by aligning your "Perception and Brand" with the company's "Perception and Brand."
  • Creating a unique identity, strategic online presence, thought leadership in your niche, and harnessing networking and references.

  • Utilize our premium community as the perfect platform for establishing connections with fellow professionals.

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Rated 4.9 Out of 5 - Trusted by 100+ Participants

What Industry Leaders & Clients Have to Say!

I strongly recommend this program for aspiring independent directors. It's a game-changer, focusing on personal branding, alignment with company values, thought leadership, and strategic networking. This program unlocks your potential and paves the way for success in the corporate world.

Jitendraa Singh

Author, Co-Founder & CEO PayKio and Former Banker

Dr. Amit Nagpal is amongst the first few in India to master the Power of storytelling, Digital Marketing, and Content Curation. He's a mentor to a thriving community, helping businesses and individuals grow by crafting compelling stories and creating valuable assets.

Vikesh Wallia

Author & Ex-Board of Directors, Times Group Advisory Board

Dr.Amit Nagpal is a 'Personal Branding' expert and the author of a must-read book on this subject. A good storyteller and presenter, his talks are very engaging. He has a wide range of interests and knowledge, including Social Media and marketing.

JP Singh

Business & Leadership Coach and Certified Independent Director

Dr. Amit Nagpal is an exceptional coach. He helped me discover my personal brand's value, enhancing existing qualities and cultivating new ones. I recommend him for any professional, in any field, to engage him to be their coach.

Goodnews Cadogan

Interim Chief Executive & Executive Coach, and Educator

Embrace Personal Branding as Your Strategic Ally! Let's Do It Together!

Rated 4.9 Out of 5 - Trusted by 100+ Participants

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